It is said that the first people to know tea were the Chinese in 2737 BC during the reign of Emperor Shen Nung,
In the year 1860, which was called the year of the coffee ordeal due to the hitting of the coffee season in Ceylon, people turned to tea as a temporary alternative

one of the most famous and exciting drinks in the world . Teapots stained in various shapes and tastes on the tables give us a refreshing delicious drink that requires no more than three to five minutes to prepare. People differ in the use of tea, some of them like sweet-tasting, others prefer it with milk, and others are satisfied with it pure, so they do not taste more. The stimulating effect of tea is similar to the effect of caffeine on coffee and the difference. The effect of stimulating tea takes longer and the tea transports a substance.. The tea transports the caffeine contained in it throughout the body, stimulating the brain and nervous system without affecting the heart and blood circulation as well as coffee

from Ceylon island the tea comes to us from the flavorful tea,strong flavorful. It is well known today as the ancient island: Ceylon tea, even if Ceylon island was transformed into Sri Lanka today.