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NEFIS GOLDEN Company for Nuts and FOODS  Production Licensed in Turkey since 2016, and bearing the duly licensed trademark NEFISKURU  in the Republic of Turkey.

The company was founded in European Istanbul City Center, and it has its administrative headquarters in MY OFFICE 212 Mall .

And its industrial headquarters is in ESENYURT (AKÇABURGAZ) Which is located on an area of 1100 square meters distributed on three floors isolated and equipped with the best modern technologies.

Our company operates in accordance with the systems and standards of the Agriculture and Trade Ministries in The Republic of Turkey(food hygiene), and has obtained all the requested licenses and permits in Turkey.

OVERVIEWThe company relies on advanced technology in management and production by providing all the needed official documents to ensure our product safety, and by choosing the first class raw materials.
Our products are known and recognized for the high quality and for the skills of Syrian and Turkish labor in roasting and producing nuts with extremely unique flavor.
Alsahaf is seeking to deliver on the favorable taste by providing the high quality raw materials and spices, and the unique traditional ways of roasting.

Marketing and Exporting

Local and international markets, specialized in food in general and nuts in particular, need a company that focuses, primarily, on its product’s high quality and the special flavor that please and satisfy the client.

Nefis golden with all its top quality and rich flavor products will definitely be your special choice that reflects your unique taste.

The company provides and delivers the required items to your country by various ways of packaging that distinguish our company from others.

The company provides:

  • Official shipping documents to export from sea ports and land routes in the Republic of Turkey

  • Official shipping documents in the target country
  • Certificates of health
  • Affordable, quick shipment from our company to the place of your residence in your country
  • Favorable way of packaging requested by the client