There are many studies to know the history of roasted and salted nuts, and researchers were able to discover that about 780,000 years ago nuts were an essential part of the human diet, and 7 different types of nuts were found buried deep with stone tools to open them, and these seven nuts They included water chestnuts, prickly water lilies, wild almonds, two types of pistachios and walnuts, and they spread in the Middle East, and there are similarities between them and the species that were found in northern Europe and the Far East today.

About 50 engraved historical stones were also found, and it was known that these stones form when they are used to open large numbers of nuts (tough nuts) and these stones (also known as nuts stones) are similar to stones found in Europe and the United States dating back to 4000 and 8000 General by archaeologists.

When the Native Americans open the nuts, they put the nuts in these stones and then hit them with another stone, which is called the “hammer stone.” And often they ate the nuts as a whole. The history of salted and toasted nuts states that they also used to use a pestle or mortar to make butter or flour from the nuts. The nuts are nuts, chestnuts, beech nuts, and walnuts (walnuts). The peels of the nuts were used as fuel to start a fire, and most of the time they cooked the kernel of the nuts and then took the frozen fats after the broth cooled down for later cooking.

The above talk shows that nuts have been one of the best foods for humans since the beginnings of history.

So there too many benefits for nuts :

The belief that nuts contain fat and it may contribute to weight gain is common, but this belief proven wrong. It is true that nuts are contains fats and oils, but their fat content includes unsaturated, mono and beneficial fats.

Nuts are also an important source of iron, but their absorption rate is lower than meat. Therefore, it is advised to take it if a person suffers from anemia.

Nuts also contain a percentage of proteins, which help in nourishing the muscles, especially those who exercise daily,Because they contain magnesium, raw nuts help relieve muscle spasms and relieve stress.

Because they contain magnesium, raw nuts help relieve muscle spasms and relieve stress.

It also helps in feeling full and reduces the absorption of sugar and fat in the body.

Eating an ounce of nuts 4 or 5 times a week may help reduce the risk of coronary artery disease.

Nutritional value for Amounts per 1 cup whole kernels (138g)

Protein :  22.1 g

Calories :579 (2500 KJ)

Cholestrols: 0.0 %

Water :2.5 g

Ash :3.2 g

Calcium :266 mg

Iron :4.5 mg

Mgnesium :286 mg

Phosphorus: 489 mg

Potassium :746 mg

Sodium :339 mg

Zinc :3.5 mg

Copper :1.2 mg

Manganese :2.6 mg

Selenium :2.8 mcg

Total Fat :52.8 g

Saturated fat :4 g

Monounsaturated Fat :33.7 g

Polyunsaturated Fat :12.7 g

Total Omega-6 fatty acids

Vitamin E :35.9 mg

Niacin :5.3 mg

Vitamin B6 :0.2 mg